Death Row Prison [Maximum Security] 6.1


This map is made by my son, with a little help from his dad :)

Version 6.1
Whats new in this update:

Now since this is a very busy prison we added on each room an extra bed.
Now they have a room mate :)
Also is been added a visitors facility,where the prisoners can have their last conversation with family and friends,just before they get electrocuted.
Because that new facility, we hade 2 move our camera control room 2 another area.
Hope u guys like the update have fun.

Install instructions below.
Now we included a prison6.1.xml (thats the new updated 1)
We also included the old prison6 no peds version,because we did not want 2 put 100+ peds again.........if there is realy interest in the updated no peds version plz let us know

Version 6
Whats new in this update:

Since we dont want our prisoners to die before they get executed ,we like to take good care of them so we made a medical facility where they can get the medical atention they need.

Also there will be bodyparts removed from the prisoner after the execution ,so the organs can be used by people who needs them more, since the prisoner dont use them anymore........transported by helicopter after removing .

We added some extra things like an extra guard tower and a bridge that connect all the facilitys.

We hope u all like this update , i think this prison is very complete this way.......
Owwww and if u are wondering why we dont have made a showering facillity in this prison that is because we not realy in to that kinda stuff....

Have fun guys :)

Now this is a Maximum Security Death Row prison.

Here the prisoners will stay the last few more day's of their lives,till they get executed by the Electric Chair.

Since the first upload of this map my son worked out more facility's in different uploads on this prison, what makes this complex pretty complete in my opinion.
This Prison contains the next facility's:

Execution Room : where the prisoners get executed
Spectaters Room : where the family/victoms family can watch the execution
Controll Room : where administration is done,and media gets informed
Lunch/Diner Room : where the daily meals been served 4 the prisoners
Last Meal Room : where they can have their last favorite meal in private
Briefing Room : where they tell the prisoner when they get executed
Security Room: where all the camera's been observated
Isolation Rooms: 2 extra high isolated secured prisons 4 the bad ass guys
Police Locker Room: where the police check in and drink coffee/doughnuts
Weapon Room: where the police gets their weapons,ammo and stuff
Guard Towers : 3 towers from where the whole prison area been overviewed
Check In Points: 3 check in points,these are the only 3 way's 2 enter this prison,and they are equiped with metal detectors and plenty of good armed police.
Now since u can enter all facility's,this map is pretty much fun 2 play with.
If u downloaded earlyer versions and like the map you would love this upgrade.

Installation :
Step 1.) You need to have a working map editor u can get it here:

Step 2.) Object Spawn Unlocker :
put it into the MAIN GTA FOLDER u can get it here:

Step 3.) U also need ojectlist 10k u can get it here:

BIG tnx to the people who made these programs,what makes this all posible.

now since some have trouble 2 get all the objects i included my objectlist in the download.

And because sometimes the unlocker 1.1 (in link) not work 4 all of u i have included unlocker 1.0 also.

There is a Prison6.1.xml and a Prison6 no peds.xml
Put the xml files in your scripts folder.

Start the game and open map editor by f7

load map by type the name of:

Prison6.1 (thats with all the peds included or
Prison6 no peds (no peds included (but the not updated version)

Pick the 1 u like...........
Hope u all like this update 6.1
Any comments, good or bad are welcome so we can improve our maps.
Have fun with the map guys.....:)

Do NOT UPLOAD or COPY our map on other sites without our permission.
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