North Yankton DLC [Add-On] 4.1.2 [BETA]


Installation guide in readme file.

This mod includes:
North Yankton surrounded by mountains 100% solid with collision.
50 enterable buildings (working doors, garage doors)
-7 safehouses
-2 churches
-6 garages
-7 houses
-3 police stations (one with interior from RE2)
-4 fire stations
-airport with terminal and tower
-big oilrigs
-5 warehouses
-NXT arena
-Burger King
-3 gas stations
-Caipira travel agency

Shaezbreizh - i used his green parts of bridge and opened firestation and reworked mountains

Tim Armarego - i edited and converted from menyoo to ymap location of trees

Hardboiledgregg - i used his collisions to remowe invisible wall

v.4.1.2 (BETA)
-added new buildings, interiors
-added over 2000 trees
-reworked 2nd bridge
-fixed stability bugs
-added cars by ymap –need fixes so decided to not release in this version
-added teleports (menyoo) – in future it will be without it
-released to public as BETA
v.4.1.1 (ALPHA) - unreleased to public
-fixed stairs collisions of all objects with stairs
-fixed quaternion rotation of bad converted coords
-stability tests
v.4.1 (ALPHA) - unreleased to public
-converted menyoo.xml to ymap
-fixed bugs
-deleted trees, some props, train tracks, tunnels, docks, second bridge (from v.3.3)
v.4.0 (ALPHA) - unreleased to public
conversion to DLC
-changed structure of RPF archive
-converted ymaps, ytyps
-changed ybn files
-created spawn of full North Yankton
-first alpha tests
v.3.3 - unreleased to public
-fixed glowing props
-fixed textures on few objects
-changed mountains to better ones
-added hospital, cinema, new safehouses, Burger King, NXT arena
-added map editor version
-added compatibility to other mods with addonprops
-added 3 safehouses
-added 2 enterable churches
-added new enterable police station (RE2 locations)
-added new terminal at airport
-added 4 secret maps (backalley, 747, oilrig, estate)
-added new tunnels for train
-added train tracks
-added route for train (from LS to North Yankton around and back to LS)
-changed name of cs3_04_bus already used by game.
-added invisible wall removal thanks to Hardboiledgregg
-fixed height of ground collision and added last missing parts
-added more buildings
-upgraded airport
-added tunnel from NY port to LS airport
-added travel points in/out NY airport
-added enterable buildings: 2x lighthouses, 3x gas stations, 3x new safehouses, warehouse with garage and office,
office, tower at NY airport, police station, bank, Caipira travel agency
-upgraded garage at old safehouse
-changed name to North Yankton DLC
-created everything from beginning with new features
-added grounds with collisions (99% of map is solid)
-added roads, buildings, trees, cars, peds
-added mountains (island, not floating in air)
-added 3 small "cities"
-added airport
-added port
-added 2 new bridges
-added enterable fire station
-added safehouse in new city with garage and helipad on the roof
-added secret cars (Big Crane, Crusher, Monster Guardian, Noobike, Spaceshit, Survival Bus, Wrecked Van)
-added few hidden stuff
v.2.1.1 (BETA)
-fixed North Yankton spawn
-added cars
v.2.1 (BETA)
-added missing walls in buildings
-added safe house with garage
-added more roads
-added gas station (early release)
-added more buildings
-added spawn for North Yankton when loading map
v.2.0 (BETA)
- changed everything
- added new bridge, roads, few buildings, trees
- added airport with few planes, helis
- This version dont need Map Builder 2.3E
v.1.1 (BETA)
- changed name to Project North Yankton
- added lights, pillars with working ladders, trees and few missing walls in buildings.
v.1.0 (BETA)
- first release.
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