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    ok @Razed I did what you say, the clouds are here but the weather doesnt change, it stays to one weather forever... I just waited 2 days ingame but the weather is still the same is this normal ? Maybe the cycle is pretty longer than the original game ? thx

    25. november 2018
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    About the weather problem, I've found a folder in my gta directory : "timecycle asi failed to load..." that explains the problem, but how to solve it ? Do I have to download a new asi loader or scripthook ?

    23. november 2018
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    Your mod is amazing, but I got an issue with this mod +visualIV, I've sucessfuly installed all parts mentioned in the readme and ingame the clouds are still not here and the weather is stuck in "Extra sun"
    I've the right trainer, and tried to switch the same weather few times but it didn't fix anything :(

    21. november 2018