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  • Wade

    @Vans123 Bro. This Mod of 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 Car is Freaking!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!! AF :D. I Followed the Directories to Replace each individual file. It was hectic, took me a little while to carefully replace the CAR files. Didn't know the Car Name to Spawn it. But eventually found it out. Cheers to U BROH!! I do see you've really put a lot of Effort building this Vehicle Mod. Its Fabulous!. One thing which you missed was Indicator Lights. Cuz, when I Turn On the Indicators, the Lights FLASH but there is no Indicator Light BLINKING. Other than that, I Appreciate your work. Hope to see more of your work on Vehicle mods :)

    10. marts 2019
  • Wade

    @Ying Your work is done so amazing in this Car. I Loved it so much. Especially the Sound is so awesome!!
    and Interior look like the Real Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Fab :D

    21. februar 2019