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    @Hunk thanks for the reply. :)

    20. december 2018
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    Is it possible to use the dirty clothes part of the mod on it's own without the hair growing functions of this mod?

    18. december 2018
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    Sounds good, can't wait for scripthook to be updated so we can try it.

    16. december 2018
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    @TheEagles1977 maybe there could be a survivor spawn timer in the ini file in future updates so if they aren't rescued or killed they despawn the same way as merryweather drops do.

    5. december 2018
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    Really enjoy the concept of this mod but I have followed the instructions to have it in english US but it's still in Spanish, do I manually have to google translate the .ini files to know what the notifications are saying? The news information is in english but the text at the bottom of the screen is still in Spanish.

    1. december 2018
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    nevermind fixed my issue....

    I don't know if the creator is still planning to work on this or not based on the comments, but if so I have some suggestions for future possible updates.

    Friendly Survivors in cars:
    The same way enemy survivors come find you, have friendly survivors rock up to your base you have built requesting help and entry, either let them in or turn them away to be eaten your choice.

    Fuel powered power:
    Have an item that powers lights and even the work bench if you wanted to that runs off fuel, gives another use for looking for gas cans other than for cars.

    Chain Link fences:
    Have them the same size at the current wooden walls but see through "obviously" you could have them cost similar materials to the wooden ones just with metal of course.

    Thanks for reading

    12. november 2018
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    Hi, hoping this isn't too much of a noob question but I had the mod working fine, I installed a different mod which made my game no longer boot up, so I uninstalled and reinstalled GTA5, i have installed this mod clean, the zombies themselves are working with blood splatters and trying to kill me but for some reason it takes 2 head shots to kill them, and i can also kill them by just shooting them in the chest, any ideas? thanks

    11. november 2018