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    And I forgot to say one more thing. It would be great if you prepare Nitro for all drivers

    4. april 2021
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    The most annoying problems:
    1.It is difficult for drivers to drive on uphill and downhill roads
    2.Some cars stop suddenly while driving.
    3.When drivers fall into the water and reappear on the road, they move very slowly
    4.When cars go off the road, they suddenly appear in front of drivers, causing an accident. It is better for them to be in the ghost mode in the first 4 or 5 seconds, like NFS Carbon.
    1.Add police chase capability (like NFS hot pursuit)
    2. It would be better if you add pursuit techs for racers. EMP, Jammer, Spike Strip, Turbo for them. if you add police chase capability, please add EMP, Spike Strip, Roadblock & helicopter for them.

    4. april 2021
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    Nice mod bro. I like it.
    Please don't re-upload files you previously uploaded. Only upload files that are new or fixed. Thanks

    27. marts 2021