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    Doesn't the restaurant "The Lucky Plucker" Have interiors you can see from the outside through the window? If the modding community figures out how to get in there some day, maybe by replacing the door for one you could actually go through, you could use that for your mod :D And yeah OpenInteriors sadly only opens locations that are already in the game because of missions...

    18. juni 2015
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    Can somebody help me? I have Scripthook installed, and I pasted the Open All Interiors.asi into the game directory, but when I try to toggle it ingame it doesn't work. I checked the asiloader.txt and it says it loaded the mod though, but the markers don't appear on the map. Also, as SiddhTheGamer said it clashes with the switch to Trevor key. All it does for me is switch to Trevor, but no markers unfortunately :(

    17. maj 2015