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  • B8c70c scarpantibus (jacovitti, tagliato)

    @Stryfaar @Jacobmaate thanks guys for the kind words and for the detailed support you provide for this mod. Good work to you and to the whole team :)

    26. juni 2018
  • B8c70c scarpantibus (jacovitti, tagliato)

    Congratulations for the amazing work. Your mod is very well integrated into the game world and it seems to be a feature added by R* rather than just a modification of the game, I can't really play my GTA V without mixing IVPack + WOV + DOV. You should take a look to the DispatchWorks mod and see if you can add some of their vehicles (or maybe do a compatibility patch in addition to the IVPack one), increasing the variety of dispatch to abnormal levels :D

    23. juni 2018
  • B8c70c scarpantibus (jacovitti, tagliato)

    @The_XXI Yeah mod merging is a good way to prevent conflicts in my opinion and is a good way to learn more about the structure of a game (what does this specific file do? What assets does it call? How can i customize it to my own liking? Etc.)
    I am not totally new to modding in general, I used to mod Bethesda games like Fallout or Skyrim, compared to them GTA V is a lot more optimized and needs less tweaking but has got a bit more confusing folder structure. GTA V folders are made like a matryoshka doll and usually share identical names (update.rpf, update, x64 folders for example) and is easy to lose yourself into them the first times you try to mod the game. And bugs are always around the corner saying "hellooo there" when you least expect it.
    At the beginning of my modding experience I used Redux, it adds a lot of things but it's an unoptimized mess and I just don't like the real-life billboards it adds because I think they break the lore of the game. One of the things that make GTA franchise a gaming pearl imho is the fact that it's set in an entirely different universe that parodies our in every aspect: cities, society, vehicles, etc. So I started to mod the game my way, enhancing it but retaining all the vanilla-esque aspects that make this game great.
    Will I succeed? I don't know because I know anything about programming or advanced editing but, for now, I just try to use logic (and a lot of backups :D)

    Thank you for the peds.ymt and for the advices, I really appreciate it.

    3. juni 2018
  • B8c70c scarpantibus (jacovitti, tagliato)

    @The_XXI Thank you for your detailed support. I am trying to create my little enhanced version of GTA V balanced between realism and fun.
    I'm using VisulaV, LA Roads, LA Vegetation for graphics, IVPack, World of Variety, Vanillawork Extended, Dispatch of Variety (all with the patches provided by authors) for the general world, then I'm trying to integrate your mod for gameplay plus other small quality of life mods (scripts, blood and sounds mods, ragdolls etc.)
    I always prefer to install mods manually 'cause I want personally see the files I'm going to replace and because I am totally new to GTA V Modding, so I make toooons of backups (my 1TB external drive hates me XD). I'll do some tweaking here and there following your advice, maybe I'll try only DOV's dispatch.meta (and models for cars and peds), and I'll replace the other identical files with yours to see exactly what each file does and comparing conflicts.
    One thing is certain, I'll never delete your mod :D (not entirely at least)

    3. juni 2018
  • B8c70c scarpantibus (jacovitti, tagliato)

    First of all, thank you very much for this mod. The work you made is amazing and adds a lot in terms of realism and gameplay, I really can't play my game without it.
    I wanted to ask you, is this mod compatible with Dispatch of Variety? Basically that mod is a "lite" version of the defunct (for now) RDE and uses World of Variety files as base.
    Thank you again for your work and sorry for the bad english.

    1. juni 2018